The UK left are not whining

May 13, 2015

Apparently, the Left are bad losers and we should all shut up11 “Stop your whingeing: why the Left are such bad losers” - Bryony Gordon, Daily Telegraph, 12 May 2015. I have no doubt that the Tory victors are going to reuse this argument every time we point out why one of their policies is cruel. The Left lost, the Right won, so shut up. Aside from this not being how democracies work, they are also talking nonsense.

I am not “whining”: I’m furious.

I have no problem with people listening to the arguments and making an informed choice and voting as their conscience tells them. I don’t think that is what just happened.

The Sun, Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express all have owners who are unapologetic about their right-leaning bias and editorial influence I believe that they’ve just gobbled up the lies of a few media barons who run the papers they read, or they have acted out of class hatred. They have moved the country to a course of action that might result in actual deaths for the poor whilst the rich prosper.

On the balance of the manifestos it only makes purely logical sense for most people to vote Tory if they are living in a house worth more than £2 million and/or they are earning more than £100k/year and they don’t care too much about those people in our society who aren’t in the same bracket as themselves. If there are 11 million people in that situation, fine, the country has made the logical choice. I don’t believe there are.

My ‘ilk’ if you’re wondering is white, middle-class, executive/professional & male Unlike many of those voters, based on my income bracket, gender, skin colour, sexuality and other personal circumstances, I should be a Tory. The party that will look after me and my ilk, have won.

I am not a Tory because I have moved my gaze up from my navel and what I see makes me angry.

Foodbank growth in the UK 2009-2013 From “Austerity, sanctions, and the rise of food banks in the UK”, BMJ 2015;350:h1775

I’m not angry because the Tories won and Labour lost. I’m angry because 99% of the population have lost. I’m angry because a few self-interested elites have decided to use the population in order to further their own agenda instead of society’s.

Do I vent on social media? Sure. Do I want people who voted Conservative to feel ashamed? Absolutely.

And I’m not going to apologise for that until they prove me wrong and show me that the Tories are the party with society’s interests at heart.

The UK left are not whining - May 13, 2015 - Paul Robinson