I am frequently called Paul Robinson. Like you, I do many different things whilst occupying my life and I have many interests. Those who know me best, probably know me for my fascination with technology, society and the interactions between them. Let’s start there.

By trade I am a software developer. Occasionally I’ve been a CTO. I have been an entrepreneur. As such, I tend to have a view about technology that is informed by being a practitioner, creator, thinker and somebody who has actually tried to get stuff shipped and the books balanced.

In my spare time, I love books, current affairs & politics, philosophy, economics and even some sports. I am a proud Manchester City 11 I was a fan before the money. I remember the bad times. This has had an effect on my World view supporter and I have studied probability theory and gambling markets enough that I once considered becoming a professional bookmaker on a UK race course.

I have spent most of my life in the North of England22 The Peak District and Manchester. Yorkshire is a (beautiful) foreign country to me., but now live in West London with my fiancée and a sense of wonder at what is to come.

My meanderings here might not feel as though they follow a theme to you, but they do to me. These are the things that interest me and that absorb my time.

This is the long-winded way to explain why I spent a long time trying to figure out what to blog about after many aborted attempts, but decided to just drop all of it here and focus on developing a regular writing habit and see what emerges33 This is the opposite of what everybody tells you to do when blogging. I don’t care..

If you don’t like this brain-dump method of developing a narrative, that’s OK, the Web is full of wonderful things you might prefer, and I won’t object to any of them.

About - Paul Robinson